pump that saves money and time

The National Trust at Kedleston Park has installed a Papa Pump that saves money and time.  Their Dexter Cattle were causing erosion of the river banks in the park and sediment was being washed downstream. By installing a Papa System they have been able to keep the cattle out of the river and pump the water to a storage tank and then gravity feed to troughs.  As well as solving the cattle problem, the Zero Energy Pump, which uses no electricity or fuel, will make significant savings on energy costs.  Another bonus is the fact that the pump works 24/7 without attendance, and therefore reduces maintenance.

Pump Saves Time and Money


To download the full Derbyshire Derwent Catchment Partnership Newsletter, click here.

The innovative scheme which was partly funded through the Environment Agency after a similar system was installed on a nearby farm at Kirk Langley.  The new water pump, which is an updated version of a traditional hydraulic ram pump, is a zero energy water pump that pumps water from one of the lakes to a system of troughs and a storage tank.

The Papa Pump System is ideal for catchment management – keeping the cattle out of the river reduces river bank erosion and improves the quality of the water.  Water can be pumped over long distances and to impressive heights using no electricity or power. This not only saves on fuel costs, it negates the need for wires, connections or fueling, which is particularly ideal in off-grid locations.

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