Papa Pump & Store

If you thought about a Pump and Store system last year but did nothing about it – let’s learn the hard lessons and get better prepared for the next drought!  The weather experts have had a few predictions which proved a little wide of the mark, but in general they are remarkably accurate and the science is continually improving.  And the consensus is that we can look forward to more extreme weather patterns such as a wet season followed by a very dry season.  USING THE ABUNDANCE OF WINTER WATER AND STORING FOR THE DRY SUMMER NOT ONLY MAKES SENSE, IT COULD BE CRITICAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS.  At a time when the rivers and streams are low and boreholes nearly dry, we can only hope for quick return of rain to help our farm, small holding or water network, but the chances are when the rain does return, drought will turn to flood, damaging our business and the environment.

Here at Water Powered Technologies Ltd., we have designed a ‘zero energy’ system to allow sustainable capture and long distance pumping of both wintertime and summertime water to store as preparation for the next drought.  If enough people use available water as much as possible when the rain comes and we have excess water in our flooded streams, we can build up a good sustainable reserve for water critical times.  The stored water can be used for Farm Use, the Environment and to alleviate Flood Water.


Have a look at a few examples of businesses using our zero energy systems to pump and store excess high water to reduce their bills.

Papa Pump and Store - Bamburger

Papa Pump and Store Maristow

Papa Pump and Store Rodderick


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