Large site golf course

More profit for landowners and water-intensive businesses

Large landowners with high acreage or multiple sites and water-intensive commercial enterprises such as golf clubs or water processing plants all seek to improve profitability by increasing productivity and reducing costs. Water supply can be a significant variable cost, so improving utilisation of a naturally replenished water source such as a stream, river or lake on your…

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Pump and store water to de-risk your water-sensitive business, and help reduce flooding

The unpredictability of British weather has long been a popular talking point, and a study last month by the Met Office predicts unprecedented winter rainfall in the UK, with the potential for records to be broken by up to 30%. The research team found that there is now a one in three chance of a…

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Save money on your water supply and increase your productivity with a Papa Pump

Whether a large estate landowner or farmer, utility costs are critical to your bottom line. Mains water consistently proves to be one of your highest costs as bills rise and water reserves can be strained at times of drought. However, there is another solution, which will provide free water for generations to come, will cut…

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Add more value to your agricultural land using free water

Each day, 70% of commercial water consumption is used in agriculture and food production, and for every 8–16 litres of water a day that is used for drinking water, 5,000 litres goes into food production. Some 86%* of farmers in the England are still using mains water which includes watering their herds or flocks, significantly…

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What can we do about the global water crisis?

Global Warming is putting increasing pressure on the world’s aquifers which are the earth’s subterranean sponges holding supplies of fresh water below our feet. The more that lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are depleted by drought, the more we depend on pumping groundwater up from the aquifers. For instance, 60% of California’s water needs are now…

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How did the Papa Pump change the lives of everyone in this remote village?

Providing access to a reliable water supply for irrigation can transform food production in remote villages all around the developing world… Click to watch the video and see the impact on this village in Cameroon…   Do you have a water project in the developing world that could change lives? If you are enthusiastic and motivated…

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Fruit Plantation and Vegetable Irrigation in Malaysia Case Study

In a recent project in Malaysia, a fruit and vegetable farmer had to choose between a diesel pump and a water powered pump to provide water for his 40-hectare fruit plantation and to irrigate his 2-hectare vegetable farm. Want to know which one he chose, based on the significant difference between diesel and water power as measured…

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How to finance water transformation projects in the developing world.

  The benefits of applying our technology to improve the transportation of “blue water” to irrigate crops or water livestock when water is plentiful are proven, as demonstrated by this recent project in Nepal. Our zero energy pumps deliver water without the use of fuel or electricity and have established the lowest water cost (below £0.01…

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How technology can help transform water-management

“Ensuring that the world’s food needs are met by 2050 will take a doubling of global food production. To improve agricultural yields on that scale will require a radical rethink of global water-management strategies and policies” according to an article on the website. And much of the predicted population expansion driving the demand for more food…

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Getting rid of “dirty” waste water in a dairy without blocking the pump

This dairy produces waste called “washings” which contain solid fats which need to be extracted and recycled in an environmentally responsible way. The washings were pumped from a pit to a holding tank by a progressive cavity pump. A reliable filter was needed to prevent grit entering the pump. Innovative technology provides a solution to…

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